4 S t o r i e s H i g h

Spiritual Rockers Laura Berman & Craig Benelli

She was a NY Singer/Songwriter

He was a NY Guitar Player

She hired him to play in her band

And so the story began…

By 2004, both Laura Berman and Craig Benelli had achieved a certain amount of success individually. Berman was a NYC singer/Songwriter who received critical acclaim for her debut CD Love Will.  She also performed as a backup vocalist with Grammy Award winning performer, Enya, on the David Letterman Show. Benelli was a guitar player in NY who had recorded with numerous singer/songwriters and performed with the National Touring Company for the Broadway Musical, Rent.

But, when this duo was commissioned in 2004 by Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, NJ to write songs for their special programs, it began a musical partnership and a collection of songs that would affect the hearts and minds of thousands nationwide. That partnership is 4 Stories High and those songs became their first CD, Detour. Since the release of their CD, the two have toured extensively, opening for top-selling authors and performing at numerous Spiritual Centers across the country including Agape International Spiritual Center.  In 2011, their song, Right Here All Along, received a Positive Music Award by the EmPower Music Association and in 2012, their song, Changing Lives, became the theme song for the upbeat medical show, Top Docs, in Dallas and Houston, TX. They currently reside in Portland, Oregon.